National Learning and Development Month

National Learning and Development Month is hosted every October as a celebration of knowledge and growth! This site is filled with resources for you and your team to cultivate a culture of learning.

What is National Learning & Development Month?

National Learning and Development Month is celebrated every October and encourages individuals to focus on broadening and advancing their personal and professional skills. It is important to continue to learn and build skills that make us better team members and citizens. Our celebrations aim to support lifelong learners passionate about keeping the mind sharp, improving confidence, and expanding skills!

“Our company's commitment to training and development helps differentiate our brand from our competitors, and we want everyone at Holiday Inn Club Vacations to take advantage of all the great tools and resources we have available through the Academy of Learning and Development. Often people put their own development on the back burner because of other competing priorities. Our goal is to help people see it as a priority and as a way for them to reach their goals.”

Scott Doggett, National Learning and Development Month Founder and Sr. Director of O.D. and Training for Holiday Inn Club Vacations.

This month is a time for everyone to commit to doing something for their own development. We're encouraging people from all around the country to think about and participate in some sort of learning – whether you take a leadership class, listen to a TED Talk, host a book club, take free online classes or find a mentor… the possibilities are endless! We would love for you to capture stories and photos of you and your teams learning during the month to share with us at and use #NLDmonth on social media.